Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga in Dijon France

Vinyasa yoga I teach includes dynamic movements and challenging poses, synchronized with deep and regular breathing. This style of yoga is widely spread and popular in the United States and around the world but still rare in Dijon. My teaching style is deeply inspired by Sianna Sherman, Katchie Ananda, Noah Mazé and Desiree Rumbough among others.


Each person explores his/her potential while respecting their own boundaries of the day, without any competing mind or jugement towards self or others. Particular attention is given to the anatomical alignment to ensure the practice is safe and optimal. These classes can help you to learn how to manage stress and anxiety, acquire mental stability and strengthen your body and spirit to live fully.


Yoga is a physical as well as a mental practice that leads us to discover the fullness of self. We use the body as a tool to reach this and learn to transform the obstacles of life into opportunities to grow.